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a little miss bonnie raitt, lights out?

Six painfully earnest sad songs for our favorite lonely nerd. Listen as ironically or sincerely as you desire!

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we watched it all night; we grew up in spite of it
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This is pretty self-explanatory - just a spiffed up version of one of my iTunes playlists.

It's not a sappy mix, so don't expect to have your heart warmed, with a few exceptions. I think they're all very intimate and beautiful songs, though.

(cover illustrations from Danny, Champion of the World)

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XF fanvid: "Goodbye"

I don't know what I can say for myself with this vid. It's like I set myself several challenges: to vid a song with no narrative, to vid a song without imposing a narrative, and to vid a song using all the most obscure and contextless clips I could find in The X-Files (that were still visually meaningful). Since I didn't think I could set the song within the story, or between the characters, it ended up being about my own feelings about the show. I think it's more impressionism than anything: trying to somehow distill the sense I get of The X-Files when I watch it, particularly the sense of place and the sense of Mulder and Scully. When I watch the show I'm always waiting for those anonymous moments in the cracks, little interactions and familiarity, and I wanted to try and fill this vid with only those moments. It's set to one of my favorite songs of all time and uses only Vancouver-era footage.

I've been working on it for a year and a half, and it's hard for me to tell, at this point, if it reads. So all I can say is, don't look for a structured narrative, maybe listen to it on headphones, and let me know what you think!

(I compiled, compressed, and emailed this to my sister in probably a dozen drafts, and although most of her beta work consisted of saying "you know, this won't make any sense to other people," it was enthusiastic, and I always know she gets it. all_shine_on also helped me out on more than a few occasions.)


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I know we have danced in the risk of each other

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Northwest Mix!
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XF vid: "Samson"

or, embedded but with wonky aspect-ratios at BigLight or imeem

I thought about writing a "what this vid is about" introduction, but I'd rather have people tell me what they think coming at it blank slate, and see if it speaks for itself. But if you're interested, I can tell you alllll about it.

If you don't know the story of Samson and Delilah, you can read it here. Regina's lyrics are here.

Much thanks to mushfromnewsies for the excellent beta!

You may have to manually change this to a 4:3 ratio on your media player.
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x-files icons

WOW, I haven't made icons in a long time. And in the meantime I lost my ability to make bright colors, but I have developed heavy dull contrast in a big way... So this batch is all one color palette. Oops.

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Emergency Icon Post.

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another XF fanmix
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I've been making this mix for a long time, and now seemed like a good time to post it!

It's an X-Files, MSR mix set after the series ended. It's half road-trip and half love song, with appropriate angst and weariness. There's nothing more X-Files-y than Mulder and Scully wandering around the country, waiting for the end of the world. So I made a mix!

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